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Why Glossy?

  • permanent, high-quality products
  • high level of service provided from the warehouse
  • product line with a good value for money
  • by choosing the NEW GLOSSY product line, you will find the entire range of HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS.
  • you can increase your turnover in this category as the introduction of a NEW BRAND always arouses the interest of customers.
  • Our new packaging EMBRACES the entire product line, which unifies the BRANDand the appearance on the shelf
  • For our regular customers, we also offer a selection of OWN BRAND packaging products!

Our plant-based degradable products

Glossy is a new product line on the market. It is important to be able to provide forward-looking and innovative solutions to our customers.

That's why we have expanded our product range with 100% biodegradable, compostable BIO products.

Our Products

Aluminum foils

Cling films

Snack and cooler/freezer bags

Szemetes bélelők,

pipere tasakok

100% Compostable Drawstring Bin Bags

“Buffalo” Super-strong and sturdy bin liners

Baking supplies

Tie-handle products



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